All services always have the following elements elaborated

  • graphical materials (full preparation and printing)
  • planning and media purchase

Using your knowledge of your target customer and benefit message, you select media options for placing ads that not only reach your audience but also protect your brand. For example, if you have a choice to reach your upscale audience for the same price using a local newspaper or regional glossy magazine, you would choose the glossy magazine to align your upscale image with that of the magazine’s. Even if the magazine advertising costs a bit more, one of your advertising goals is to include a specific image message about your product. Advertisers choose media options using the information found in each magazines, website’s, broadcast station’s or outdoor-signage company’s media kit. A media kit provides facts about an advertising vehicle, including a detailed demographic description of the audience who is reading, watching, visiting or listening.

  • realization of multimedia campaigns
  • non-standard websites & e-commerce

All these activities are proceeded by promotional strategies

Organized operation:

  • advertisement in media,
  • loyalty programs
  • introduction of a new product on the market
  • stimulation and motivation of the distribution network
  • increase of sales
  • positive brand image