About me

My name is Marzena Claudia Chmielewska. Marzena in my native language of Polish this means “dream”, does it have a correlation with me? I think that’s because I am a real dreamer.

I love to close my eyes and dream, set new plans, new goals.

Fashion, creation, creative people and marketing are my passion for life.

Because I love to create and develop after graduation, I worked in advertising agencies and publishing houses. I have created many advertising campaigns, photo sessions, and fashion shows.

I have helped many well-known brands in creating their image.

I was the ambassador of world brands.

Ten years ago, I came to the USA, where I worked with well-known publishing houses.

5 years ago, I created a Happy Mothers brand. Happy Mother is a recognizable store with products for babies. Happy Mothers is also a lifestyle magazine for children and parents. Every year Happy Mothers receives awards for the best store for babies and parents.

Today I’m standing at the next challenge and the fulfillment of the biggest dream – which is the Royal Baby Collection.

Royal Baby Collection is a clothing brand for babies created and designed by me. Royal Baby Collection products are produced only from organic cotton, are extremely nice to the touch, are friendly to children and the environment.

Royal Baby Collection was created out of love for the world, everything that is beautiful, and passion associated with animals. On many products, you can see drawings with horses which are my love.


My eternal dream that I am fighting to put into practice is to build a place where children hurt by life could undergo rehabilitation with horses. Everyone who has experienced pain in life and found himself next to horses knows that these beautiful animals have considerable strength in solving our suffering and leading us straight out.

I am determined to do this.  From each product purchased Royal Baby Collection $ 1 will be transferred to the Vitapertutti foundation. Vitapertutti currently collects funds with a goal of raising $3,000,000 for the construction of the center Life for all VitaPertutti.

Because I am a dreamer and optimist, I believe that this goal will be achieved soon. And the Royal Baby Collection brand will become a bridge that will lead to this goal.

Believe in the possibility of impossible

Claudia Chmielewska



DESIGNER and BRAND AMBASSADOR @ Royal Baby Collection

Editor in Chief and Marketing Director @ Happy Mothers

Founder @ Royal Equestrian Collection


Dream big,

Fly high,

Love endlessly,

Fight for the beauty of life

Never forget the little things, they will make you big.


12-year of extensive experience in work for enterprises in the line of consumer goods and services, advertising agencies, press publishing, and television:

Business negotiations
Promotional Advertising
Event Marketing
Sales and Promotions
Promotional activities
Distribution coordination
Reporting and controlling
Creating and managing teams of people

Specialties: advertising, assets recovery, b2b, budgeting, conferences, customer relations, design, directing, management, market planning, marketing, multimedia presentations, presentation skills, press releases, promotional materials, publicity, reports, sales, strategic, supervisory skills.

Finished projects
Working projects
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My Resume


Royal Baby Collection Designer and Brand Ambassador – Greater Los Angeles Area – USA

Editor in Chief and Marketing Director at Happy Mothers Luxury Baby Magazine – Greater Los Angeles Area – USA

PR Manager California Promotion – Hollywood, CA, USA

PR Manager & Regional Director and Brand Ambassador Company Polhem PR – Stockholm, Sweden

Advertising Manager LA Times – Greater Los Angeles Area – USA

Account Executive Company Southern California “Life” newspaper – Greater Los Angeles Area – USA

Publisher & Advertising Director Positiff Magazine – Warsaw, Poland

Advertising Manager Style Magazine – Warsaw, Poland

Advertising Manager Company Fashion Magazine – Warsaw, Poland

Advertising Department Director Company Publishing BEAUTY Magazine – Warsaw, Poland

What i do


    Motivation Programs

    Buy and win-programs Buy more and save later Buy and collect points to win or save, this are only samples for motivation programs. In today’s modern workplace, “good” job packages aren’t good enough to motivate most people. Fair pay, quality benefits, and a clear path to advancement are key factors in employee retention, but in the long run, it takes a little more to keep people satisfied, challenged, and motivated. If you want more from your employees, buyers, distributors or customers you’re going to have to give more too.

      Direct Marketing

      Direct marketing is a type of advertising that involve physical marketing materials being delivered to potential customers. It is a multichannel form of advertising, consist of methods using emails, fliers, phone calls, videos, display advertisements, catalog distribution, commercials and brochures. With direct marketing, no middle man is involved in the process of promoting your company/business. Instead, your specific message is delivered directly to customers.

        Press Conferences

          Social Media Presents

            Mass Events & Social Events

            An event is something that happens, especially when it is unusual or important. You can use events to describe all the things that are happening in a particular situation.

              Sales Promotion (consumers, distributors, manufacturers)

              Sales promotion is the process of persuading a potential customer to buy the product. Sales promotion is designed to be used as a short-term tactic to boost sales – it is rarely suitable as a method of building long-term customer loyalty.


                Before you create an advertising, message or decide where you’ll run it, you must know whom you’re targeting. Determining the exact audience for your product or service is the first step in developing an ad campaign. Once you know that, you can effectively develop your message, choosing media options that your target customer will watch, read or listen to.

                  Graphic Design


                      Web Design

                      All services always have the following elements elaborated

                      • graphical materials (full preparation and printing)
                      • planning and media purchase
                      Using your knowledge of your target customer and benefit message, you select media options for placing ads that not only reach your audience but also protect your brand. For example, if you have a choice to reach your upscale audience for the same price using a local newspaper or regional glossy magazine, you would choose the glossy magazine to align your upscale image with that of the magazine’s. Even if the magazine advertising costs a bit more, one of your advertising goals is to include a specific image message about your product. Advertisers choose media options using the information found in each magazines, website’s, broadcast station’s or outdoor-signage company’s media kit. A media kit provides facts about an advertising vehicle, including a detailed demographic description of the audience who is reading, watching, visiting or listening.
                      • realization of multimedia campaigns
                      • non-standard websites & e-commerce
                      All these activities are proceeded by promotional strategies Organized operation:
                      • advertisement in media,
                      • loyalty programs
                      • introduction of a new product on the market
                      • stimulation and motivation of the distribution network
                      • increase of sales
                      • positive brand image

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                      my skills


                      To jump high, you have to put your feet on the ground first.

                      The most important achievements in Claudia’s career include participation in the preparation of the first advertising campaign in Poland for TOMY, Slim Fast, Kinder Bueno, Unilever, Nestle, and Mercedes Benz.

                      She organized the first and biggest Salem Fashion Show for Levi’s, and the creation of a modern image for the magazine “Beauty “with a promotional campaign called “Enjoy the beauty of life.” She created unique artworks for Quicksilver, Reebok, Diesel, Chio, Rossignol, and Philips.  

                      Since 2009 she was Head Press Manager for the Scandinavian PR Agency, while also being Glitter’s and Vagabond’s Swedish brand ambassador. In 2014 she built and developed unique e-commerce and a brick and mortar store “Happy Mothers” together with Fashion and Gear magazine called Happy Mothers.

                      In 2018 she designed a baby clothes collection called The Royal Baby Collection.

                      She has worked with the biggest fashion houses, publishers and fashion agencies all around the globe. She is a member of the Institute Francais de Gestion. Her passion being design and styling.

                      • Passion for social media, and traditional media
                      • Strong writing skills
                      • Close attention to detail
                      • Excellent organizational skills
                      • Ability to multitask
                      • Ability to work well both independently and within a team
                      • Accuracy and thoroughness
                      • Marketing skills
                      • Design and creative skills

                      Design and Creative
                      Public Speech
                      Close Attention to Detail
                      Passion for Social Media and Traditional Media
                      Marketing Skills
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